Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Baltimore Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Were you told that there were new bankruptcy laws and that you probably could no longer file for bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer
Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer

Guess what? Not true.

We help clients find the debt relief they need with our Baltimore Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer, Nick Del Pizzo.

Your phone will not stop ringing. Your mailbox is full of delinquent notices. You are even facing the prospect of losing your home. Let us help you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the collectors and give you a fresh start.

You NEED a Fresh Start!

You CAN'T Lose Your Home!

We have helped many clients in filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy to solve those problems and even prevent the foreclosure of their home. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing will force creditors and even the IRS to work with you. Lawsuits and garnishments will cease as well. You are entitled to this protection under bankruptcy law.

Reduce the stress. Stop foreclosure of your home. We can help. For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer, please fill out the form below.



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