We can help you save your home

Foreclosure home for sale
Foreclosure home for sale

At our law office we will use our experience and knowledge of the bankruptcy laws to save your home. There are actual proactive steps that we can take to stop foreclosure.

Saving Your Home Through Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing provides an opportunity to reorganize your secured and unsecured debts. That benefits the homeowner who has fallen behind on payments through the loss of a job, divorce or any other circumstance. When you file bankruptcy, the action itself will stop any further actions against you. There will be no forced sale, nor will you be forced to move.

You do not have to lose your home to foreclosure. Contact us to put a stop to the foreclosure process.

Let Us Help You Stop Foreclosure Now

The possibility of foreclosure is facing many families around the country. While help may be in the way in the form of government assistance, that may not happen in time to save your home. We get to work immediately after the initial consultation. When we file, any foreclosure actions will cease immediately.

We Give You Peace of Mind

In a Chapter 13, you will still be responsible for paying for your home as part of your repayment plan. However, you will have more flexibility and the opportunity to refinance during bankruptcy.

Are you ready to have peace of mind? Ready for the  Collection calls to stop to continue to live in the house that you worked so hard to secure? We are ready to help! Fill out the contact form below to get started!



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