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Baltimore County Public Schools Close the First Day of School

September 4th, 2018 was supposed to be the first day of school for all Baltimore County Public School Students, that was not the case however for some! Due to the heat, 10 Baltimore County schools were closed, and 60 plus Baltimore City Schools were released early from their first day of school.

In Baltimore County four high schools, four elementary schools, and two special centers were closed. An alert was issued by the Baltimore County District Chief of Staff, Mychael Dickerson, with an immediate social media blast following the announcement. Dickerson wrote, “Due to excessive heat for Tueday, Sept.4,2018 the following BCPS schools and centers will be closed tomorrow”

The list of Baltimore County Public Schools that closed due to a lack of air conditioning were: Dulaney, Lansdowne, Patapsco, Woodlawn High School, Bedford, Berkshire, Colgate, Dundalk Elementary Schools, and the Campfield Early Learning Center & Catonsville Center for Alternative Studies.

The issue of school closings due to a lack of proper air conditioning and heating is likely to play a major role in Baltimore County’s first ever school board election.

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