Car Accidents in Baltimore, Maryland — What you should know

We don’t like to think about it, but accidents happen, especially, when we are on the road. When we are involved in a road accident, we all know to call the police or call 911. We know not to leave the scene of an accident. We jot down the license plate of the other vehicle, exchange contact details, license numbers, and insurance details with the other driver.

What else should you do to protect your right to sue for compensation, or to prove a defense in case you are sued by the other driver? Here’s what Baltimore Car Accident Lawyers say; If you have a dashcam, check the footage. Save it, make copies, and keep the copies safe. Do not give up the dashcam or your memory card as evidence without making copies for yourself first.


With your smartphone, take photos of your vehicle and of the other vehicle. Take photos of any damage. Take photos showing the relative positions of the vehicles to each other. Take photos showing the positions of the vehicles relative to the road. Take photos of any tire marks on the road.

If there are security cameras around the area, ask for copies of the footage. Look for witnesses, people who may have seen what happened. Talk to them, get their contact details, record what they say at the time of the accident. Write from your own recollection what happened but do not show this to anyone yet. Don’t talk about the accident to the other driver or to the police. What you say may be used against you.

In Maryland, a claim from personal injury protection insurance (PIP) must include a documentation of the events. Persons injured in an accident can sue for compensation, but they must prove that the accident was caused by the fault or negligence of the other driver.

There is fault or negligence when the other driver had a legal duty of care but failed or refused to discharge their duty of care. This happens when a driver disregards or violates traffic rules, or when the other driver operates a vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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