Concealed Carry Laws Baltimore

Maryland is one of 17 states with the Democratic attorney generals calling on Congress to abandon legislation that is backed by National Rifle Association (NRA) which would allow concealed carry gun permits in one state be applicable in all the states. The attorney generals are pleading to Congress to cut back on gun laws saying, “With the worst shooting in American History fresh in our memory, we urge you and your colleagues to reject these ill-conceived bills.”

The Republican Party has had control of Congress since the recent elections and continue their support of the NRA. This act, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 has been the top legislative priority of the NRA. The reason for this piece of legislation is that many concealed carry owners can be confused by the different state and local laws in other states, causing them to run into trouble with local law enforcement while traveling. One of the biggest arguments that these supporters make is to sure that people who travel across state lines at night, or when they are travelling alone.

Concealed Carry Laws Baltimore

For the Democratic Party, they believe that allowing this legislation will open doors for those who want to abuse the law. They believe it would empower gun traffickers, terrorists, and other criminals. It may help them get around local gun permit requirements if they have a permit registered in one of the states.

As far as the general public goes, there is a mix of people who want to restrict or lessen restrictions on gun laws. About 61% of Americans believe the nation’s gun laws should be more tough, while 27% would keep the gun laws the same, and then another 11% want them less strict (AP-GfK poll).

We will keep a close eye on if the legislation passes in Congress. Although the Congress is primarily Republican, the Democratic Party will keep trying to get rid of this legislation in light of the recent shootings in the United States. If you find yourself in legal trouble with Maryland gun laws, don’t hesitate to contact the Law Office of Nicholas J. Del Pizzo today!

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