Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges, you need a Baltimore criminal defense lawyer who is attentive and available for you. We work around the clock for our clients to ensure that they have a criminal defense advocate when they need one.

Our practice of criminal defense includes the following areas:

Domestic Violence - An allegation of physical abuse within a family can tear that household apart. We seek the best possible resolution for the case. That could mean counseling or trying your criminal defense case in court if that provides the best outcome.

Criminal Defense Lawyer
Criminal Defense Lawyer

Drug Offenses - If you are arrested for possession of an illegal narcotic or prescription drug, we can help you. Our firm has represented users and dealers charged with serious drug offenses, including juveniles. We are attentive to all the details to ensure the protection of your rights.

DUI Defense - Since establishing our office, criminal defense attorney Nicholas J. Del Pizzo has handled many DUI- and traffic-related cases. At The Law Offices of Nicholas J. Del Pizzo, III P.A., our job is to pore through all the evidence, including toxicology reports, Breathalyzer results and police reports to find the motivation for the initial stop.

Motor Vehicle Administration Hearings - Did you know that you could lose your license before a DUI trial or conviction? Separate from the criminal process is the administrative hearing where your license could be suspended. We handle both aspects of your DUI case to ensure that you maintain your driving privileges while your criminal case is ongoing.

Traffic Violations - While some traffic violations (driving on a suspended license or without a license) have severe penalties, a speeding ticket seems minor. Yet, as the points add up, you could see your insurance rates increase and your license suspended or revoked.

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