Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence is an unfortunate problem in today’s society. Many victims are scared to come forward because of the fear of further abuse by their significant other. Sometimes the couples are able to work through their issues, but if at any time someone is a victim of abuse, please come forward! It is sometimes the only way to end the abuse, and serve justice to the abuser. If you are reading this and ever feel in danger, please seek a domestic violence shelter for protection, or with trusted family or friends.

Once you have secured yourself, and children, in a secure and safe location, contact the police, immediately. Make sure to write down your police incident number and keep the record in your files. Also, if you have attained any injuries whatsoever, be sure to seek medical attention immediately. Document and photograph any injuries you may have, these records will be imperative when you take the domestic violence case to court.

Domestic Violence

Speaking of court, many domestic abuse victims are in a long time relationship with their significant other. So while these abuse victims are scared, frightened, and potentially hurt, many may not want their significant other to get into any legal trouble. So what happens if they want to drop the charges against their partner? If the victim has already called the police on their partner for domestic abuse accusations, the police will not and can not drop the charges against the abuser. Why? Simply because domestic violence is a crime. And the victim is no longer in power once they have reported a crime, it is now up to the State to follow up with the justice of the crime. The victim can “recant” their first statement made to the police, but that is about the extent of control they have once they get the police involved.

Once the case has been taken to trial, the victim should be prepared to testify in court. And not only do you have to testify in court, but you can also create a civil suit against the abuser in which you are able to collect payment for the injuries he caused. Some examples of this would be, medical bills need paid, or even the pain and suffering emotionally the bestowed onto you. Lastly, you are able to file for a restraining order against the abuser. This will simply protect you from the abuser legally, and provide more punishment if the abuser breaks the restraining order agreement.

Domestic Violence is never an easy road, so do not take it alone. Contact the Law Offices of Nick Del Pizzo to help you, or someone you know, through this difficult time.

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