Domestic Violence Lawyer in Baltimore

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Baltimore

Domestic violence crimes can be very personal matters that require the careful handling only an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide. At our law office, we strive to find the best resolution for this highly personal criminal matter.

Finding the Best Outcome for the Family

Domestic Violence Lawyer
Domestic Violence Lawyer

The outcome of a domestic violence case may not involve criminal penalties such as prison time or probation. Our domestic violence lawyer in baltimore works hard to achieve the best outcome available for you and your entire family. With the victim possibly being a spouse, sibling or other member of your family, domestic violence cases can be rife with emotion.

If you are charged with domestic violence, do not try to resolve it on your own. Our experience means that we can find the best resolution for all concerned.

Getting to the Facts of Domestic Violence

Our job is to get to the facts and strip away the emotional elements of a domestic violence case. Sometimes, a false accusation is the result of a child custody dispute between a divorcing couple. Other times, a client comes to us charged with the crime and admits guilt. When that happens, we will get him or her into counseling while their case is working through the system. That proactive step will be beneficial when it comes time for a judge's verdict. Counseling also benefits in keeping a family from being torn apart over a violent action.

"Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

This term is put to the test if you are charged with domestic violence. A presumption of guilt often exists in domestic violence charges. Law enforcement and prosecutors may want you to plead guilty to end the case quickly. Please know that you still have rights and are entitled to an aggressive defense.

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