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Fun things to do this summer in Baltimore

Summer in Baltimore is an exciting time, so here at The Law Offices of Nicholas J Del Pizzo we have created a fun list of awesome activities you should try out this summer. Here are the top items you should check off your list this summer.

  1. Check out Historical Fells Point. There is so much to do in Historical Fells Point. Check out the great local pubs & bars, spend some time at the art galleries, shop, and enjoy fine cuisine at the local restaurants. If you want to spend some time there, Fells Points have tons of fun places to stay for a night or two!
  2. Ride the Charm City Pedal Mill! No matter if you are celebrating a birthday in Baltimore, or just want to pedal and drink the Charm City Pedal Mill is a great way to get around downtown. They have partnered with some great bars in Fells Point so you can see the full city and enjoy some great beers along the way.
  3. Walk around the Inner Harbor. Not trip to Baltimore is complete without a trip to the Inner Harbor. Perfect for friends, families, and couples the Inner Harbour has everything you could imagine from the National Aquarium to the many famous restaurants that line its walkways.
  4. Catch a concert at Pier Six Pavillion! Well-known artists make the Pier Six Pavillion a destination each summer! So make sure to come out on a weeknight and hear some amazing music!
  5. The George Peabody Library. Although not an outdoor activity, the George Peabody Library is a sight to behold! From the beautiful architecture to the long list of old books, this library has something to see and read! So if the muggy weather in Baltimore is to hot to handle, take a day indoors and explore the library!
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