How to handle an insurance claim

Most people have experienced it, but handling an insurance claim can be a frustrating experience. Insurance companies try to focus on their bottom line and appease their shareholders, so they will try to cut corners with insurance claims. Here are a few tips when dealing with insurance claims.

First, understand your coverage. Before filing for an insurance claim, be sure to review your coverage to understand your policy. This way, there will be a clear understanding of coverage your insurance company has with the damage to the property. In fact, before even paying for insurance coverage, read over the coverage so you know the best coverage available.

 insurance claim

When the damage occurs, take plenty of photos and videos to document the accident. If there is a storm coming, take photos of the property before the storm hits. This way there is an up to date record of your property, so when there is damage, there will be new photos showing the before and after pictures, which will help with your claim. And remember, there is no limit to how many photos a person can take! So take enough pictures to help your claim.

You don’t need to wait for the insurance adjuster to finish the claim. Start making small repairs to your property in order to keep a sustainable living. Just be sure to keep all receipts of the repairs and provide documentation to receive reimbursement for the repairs.

Lastly, insurance claims can be a confusing process for most lay people, but the key is simple, be confident. Yes, the insurance adjuster will most likely know everything you describe to them, but acting confidently will let them know that you are an informed client. Most people are not aware of the value of the insurance claim, so being knowledgeable and confident about your coverage can makes miles of difference  when filing for an insurance claim.

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