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How much does a second DUI arrest cost in Maryland?

The cost of a second DUI arrest in Maryland, goes beyond just the money that comes out of your pocket. In fact, the cost of a first-time DUI arrest is placed at around $10,000.00, this number can more than double if arrested for a second time.

In addition to the financial expenses you will occur, there may also be a social stigma that is attached because of a second DUI arrest on your record. If you have been charged with a second DUI or DWI arrest you should consult with an experienced Baltimore DUI attorney today. Below is a breakdown provided by The Law Offices of Nicholas J Del Pizzo regarding how much a second DUI arrest costs in Maryland.


The cost of your second DUI arrest starts the moment you are arrested. If a police officer chooses to tow your car, the cost could be between $300 to $600.00 to recover your vehicle. You can also incur additional charges for every day that your car is on the lot.

Alcohol Education & Treatment

If you are facing a second DUI conviction, a recommendation most DUI attorneys make to a judge is that you attend an alcohol education & treatment program. A person can expect to pay between $8,000 to $20,000 to complete a program.

Probation Fines and Fees for a Second DWI in Maryland

There are two types of probation a judgment may place a defendant on if they are found guilty of DUI or DWI in Maryland. The judge may order the defendant to be supervised by Parole and Probation or supervised by the Drinking Driving Monitor Program (DDMP).

The judge is able to waive the probation fees if an individual is supervised by parole and probation. However, a judge is not able to waive the probation fees if a person is supervised by the drinking driving monitor program.

Standard probation fees in Maryland are $40 a month. A judge may order random urinalysis which costs around $120 per test.

Increased Insurance Costs After a 2nd DUI Conviction in Maryland

If you were convicted for a second DUI in Maryland, more likely than not your insurance rates will increase. If a conviction appears on your driving record, your insurance company will be able to see that conviction and assess higher premiums. Car insurance rates increase by up to 50% for a drunk-driving conviction.

Court Fines

If you’re found guilty or receive a probation before judgment, the judge can assess a fine up to $2,000 for a second DUI conviction in Maryland.

If you are found guilty of a second DWI in Maryland, a Judge can order a fine up to $1000.

However, depending on the crime or section of the DUI statute, a 2nd DUI defendant can be fined up to $2,000.00.

Court Costs

In Maryland, the standard court costs for a serious traffic offense like a DUI or DWI is $57.50. These costs help pay for the court expenses as well as other related government programs funded by the court. In addition to the standard court costs, a judge may impose a fine for a DUI conviction or probation before judgment.

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