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How to choose a Baltimore DUI Lawyer

You were pulled over, given a field sobriety test which you failed, and you were asked to take the alcohol breath test, which you also failed. You were placed under arrest and you were told by the arresting officer that you have the right to an attorney. This gets you thinking – should I get a lawyer? How to I find a lawyer? How do I choose a good Baltimore DUI lawyer? Here are some things you should consider when shopping around for a Baltimore DUI lawyer:

Does this lawyer have enough relevant experience in defending DUI cases?

You must get a lawyer who has had experience in successfully defending DUI cases. Good Baltimore DUI lawyers often build a reputation among people they have successfully defended, and word of mouth is a good indication that a lawyer has a good track record. After all, a friend whose DUI charge was dismissed will recommend his lawyer to you if his lawyer was responsible in getting the charge dismissed.

Does this lawyer have enough local knowledge?

A good Baltimore DUI lawyer will know the locale where you were stopped. He is familiar with the area and knows where to access CCTV footages if he needs evidence. You will want a lawyer who is familiar with local police procedures and knows how to access documents from the police regarding department orders. This is important because often, police departments decide where to establish sobriety checkpoints. If you were stopped at or near a designated sobriety checkpoint, the police officers manning the checkpoint may have an intrinsic bias – they may be looking for specific evidence instead of following the evidence they find.

Does this lawyer have enough scientific knowledge?

You will want a lawyer who knows the science behind the sobriety tests, the science behind the breath analyzer tests and knows the science behind blood alcohol testing. Knowledge in this area is important to test the credibility of police officers and medical practitioners who will testify against you. It is also necessary to render inadmissible test results that were gathered from improper methods or processes. You want a lawyer who knows how to test the chain of custody procedure in handling medical evidence and samples.

Does this lawyer talk to me and understand me?

You will want to get a lawyer who listens to you with respect and tries to understand you and what you are trying to convey. You do not want a lawyer who does not return calls or respond to emails. You do not want a lawyer who will not show up to court for a hearing. You do not want to get a lawyer with a lot of pending malpractice cases because of negligence. You want an upstanding member of the Bar who has known competence in the field.

Does this lawyer charge reasonable fees?

You will want a lawyer who is a professional and who charges reasonable fees. You will want a lawyer who will have a flexible and reasonable payment terms, one who will not squeeze you for every penny you have. You want a Baltimore DUI lawyer who is honest about billing you for services he actually rendered.

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If you have been arrested on a DUI charge in Baltimore, do not let the prosecutors coerce you into pleading guilty. The fact is a DUI charge on your record does not go away, meaning that a DUI conviction in Baltimore has both severe short-term and long-term implications. At the Law Offices of Nicholas J Del Pizzo we will help you build a strong DUI defense.

We are attentive to all the details of your DUI defence case, and will analyze all aspects of your case to help build a solid defence. Contact our Law Firm today to speak with our attorneys and to start building your DUI Defense.

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