How to create a will

Creating a will may seem as easy as writing down your assets and deciding who gets what amongst your family and friends. If you recall, one of our first blogs talked about the importance of creating a will, however, today we will discuss how to create your will. There are small steps a person should take in creating a will that they may not realize is vital.

First of all, list off all of your assets which you want to include in your will. And a little tip, if you are married, you need to make sure the asset belongs to you, or belongs jointly with you and your significant other. It can not be owned by your significant other. Next, is the step that everyone knows, decide who inherits your assets. This may be obvious, but it is critical to make sure the people you want to receive them, are documented. Be sure to choose contingent beneficiaries in case your first choice unfortunately dies before you.

How to create a will

In the last article about wills, we also talked about the importance of choosing an executor to handle your estate and make sure your will is carried out properly. Also, be sure to choose some who will be a guardian for your children, and manage their property if they are under 18 years old. Then finally, for the actual writing of a will, there are multiple online will making softwares, or you can do it with a lawyer. One pivotal item to remember when signing your will is to have at least 2 witnesses present. There are self-proving affidavit with your will, it must be accompanied by a notarized signature.

Lastly, whether you do it online, or in front of a lawyer, be sure to create copies of your will and keep them in a safe place. It is incredibly important that the executor of the will knows where you stored the will and even the copies so he can fulfill everything on the the will.

Make sure you and your family are prepared for the unexpected, call Nick Del Pizzo today to help you create your will.

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