Local Dundalk News – Comptrollers against State bill

There is a new bill that was recently passed by the House of Delegates 139 – 0, that would raise the number of barrels of beer that brewers could sell. However it has some restrictions that could end up hurting smaller craft breweries instead of helping them. Some of these restrictions include, shortening the hours in which these companies can brew beer, and a provision which requires the brewers to sell only the beer produced on site.

As a lawyer, this is a perfectly legal bill, but it seems to be taking advantage of the little guy. An average person may think it’s great that these breweries can now produce more barrels than before, however it really only gives an advantage to the company coming in, Guinness. The worldwide brand is planning on opening a brewing factory in Baltimore County that is set to bring in hundreds of thousands of tourists to Baltimore every year. This is fantastic news for Baltimore, but not so much for the small breweries throughout the state. The giant company, Guinness, is able to produce a lot more barrels in a shorter amount of time because of their capacity and capital. Whereas the growing, local breweries, like one of our favorites here in Dundalk: Key Brewing, are only able to produce a certain amount of beer based on their limited capacity, and need longer hours to keep up with the larger breweries.

The advantages and disadvantages are simple, this new bill for Maryland will allow Guinness to be a key point in attracting people to the Baltimore County region now that they are able to produce their product at a high rate. The disadvantage is that this bill could take a toll on our favorite local breweries. To all of our readers, make sure you are aware of all bills that are being passes through the House of Delegates, and write to your representatives if you ever have a disagreement or praise! Be sure to know the facts and consult with a lawyer if need be.

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