Maryland Election 2018

Maryland’s Elected Officials

On November 6th the state of Maryland held their election to determine who would be representing each county in the state, and the state of Maryland in the House of Representatives, and Senate. Here is what you need to know about the elections that were held on November 6th, 2018.

Governor Larry Hogan won a Second Term

In a traditional blue state, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan defeated his challenger Democrat Ben Jealous, becoming just the second Republican to be re-elected in the history of the state. A strong approval raking and the fact that he is one of the most popular governors in the United States led to this outcome.

County Seats in Maryland went blue

While the Governor of Maryland may be republican, the success of the Republicans did not translate across the state. In Baltimore County, Democrat Johnny Olszweski Jr won his bid for election, replacing Don Mohler. In Howard County, Democrat Calvin Ball unseated the incumbent Republican ALlan Kittleman. Finally in Anne Arundel County, Democrat Steuart Pittman unseated incumbent Republican Steve Schuh.

Attorney General Frosh serves another term

Attorney General Brian Frosh, a democrat easily secured a victory in Maryland to be re-elected as the Attorney General of Maryland.

Cardin and Harris re-elected

Two individuals who have served the longest in Maryland return to their seats again. Senator Ben Cardin a democrat won his bid for re-election, while Republican Andy Harris won his reelection campaign.

Two Amendments were approved in Maryland

Voters on November 6th also approved two new amendments in the state of Maryland. The first requires that casino revenues be added to the school budget, and specifically outline what the money is going to. The General Assembly also voted to create a system for eligible Maryland residents to show up at the polls, register, and cast a ballot, all on election day.

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