Motor Vehicle Administration Hearings

Motor Vehicle Administration Hearings

Saving Your Driver's License From Suspension

MVA Hearings
MVA Hearings

It is possible to lose your license from a DUI arrest. You do not have to be convicted of drunk driving. At our law office, we represent clients facing automatic driver's license suspension.

Many people are not aware that they could lose their ability to drive legally prior to any trial. Contact us to stay on the road.

Handling the Criminal and Administrative Aspects of Your DUI Case

The administrative hearing for driver's license suspension occurs while your criminal case is moving through the system. We handle both aspects of your case. Losing your license can affect your ability to work or pick up your children at school. All of this can happen before a conviction.

At our firm, we are aware of the parameters in scheduling an administrative hearing, including the time limits imposed. Our recommendation is to contact us immediately after your arrest, and we will work on both fronts. Time is of the essence, and too much is at stake if you lose your license.

Using the Administrative Hearing to Build Your DUI Case

The administrative hearing for driver's license suspension is our opportunity to see the evidence against you. That type of discovery can be valuable in building your DUI defense case. The hearing also provides us the opportunity to cross-examine various parties, including the arresting officer. Following the hearing, we will prepare your DUI defense with better insight.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding the possibility of a driver's license suspension, please contact us using the form below.

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