MVA Hearings

The use of a driver’s license is needed in everyday life, unless you take the bus or train to work everyday. When you are called to MVA hearing, your license is most likely in jeopardy. There are a number of ways in which you will be called to an MVA Hearing. There is a way to build up your license suspension by racking up points against your driver’s license. These points can come from any moving violation, such as speeding over 10+ MPH, Reckless Driving, Failing to stop after an accident with damage/injury, a DUI, and more. If the owner carries over 12 points, than that license will be suspended.

Other ways your license can be suspended is through a driver’s mental or physical condition, where the driver may be unable to drive safely on the road based on their conditions. Other ways include: suspension based on disregard of traffic laws, suspension based on failure to pay Child Support, fraudulent use of a license, suspension on a failure to pay a citation ticket, out of state violations, failure to attend driver improvement courses, or a false certification of security. If the MVA refuses to issue a license or renew a license, or decides to suspend a license, the MVA is required to notify you of a hearing on the matter.

A court hearing is much different than a court proceeding. It is usually only held in front of an administrative law judge, and not in a courtroom, but in a MVA facility room. There will usually not be any live witnesses called to the stand to testify, but there are papers submitted to the judge which have most of the cases information. The defendant can call in witnesses or cross examine individuals if they so choose. After the hearing, the MVA can refuse, suspense, or revoke the license of the licensee. If the party is not happy with the decision, they will have the opportunity to appeal the decision.

Like most of the law cases, these are difficult to cases to win if you are not represented by the right, experienced attorney. Call Nick Del Pizzo today to schedule a consultation in regards to your MVA Hearing or license suspension!

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