Personal Injury – What to do after an accident?

It can be a terrifying experience when you get into a car accident. A lot of terrible things can occur – you can be personally injured in the car accident, or a loved one could be injured. There is also the issue of your car being wrecked beyond repair, or the repair will be worth hundreds, and possibly thousands.  So what should you do if you, or a loved one is in a car accident?

First things first – Seek medical attention immediately. You should be evaluated by a physician even if there is no immediate pain after the accident. Many times an accident can cause adrenaline to mask the pain. Some of the most serious types of injuries include: whiplash, bone, joint, and muscle injuries, head and brain injuries, and even paralysis.

Also, if you have follow up treatments for your own health, be sure to receive copies of those medical bills and documents. It is a good idea to make sure your history is documented properly so you have all documents in place for a lawsuit. Also, it is very hard to judge the “pain and suffering” of a person, so having all of these documents, along with documentation of how you felt during these times, could help your case.

What to do after an accident

Next, be sure to contact the police. This is very important and could lead to be an essential piece of evidence for your case. Not only contact the authorities but be sure to gather all information from the parties involved to make your transition with insurance much easier. This information also should include the vehicle information of the other driver involved, which would be their car make, model, year, plate number, VIN number, driver’s license, and their insurance company and policy number.

Not only collecting evidence is important, but being sure to take as many pictures as possible which will give you sufficient evidence when/if you go to court. This will help you with evidence and get your claim through insurance processed much more quickly.

Having a personal injury during a car accident can be a life changing event. Make your life easier by calling the Law Offices of Nicholas J. Del Pizzo to represent you in a Personal Injury Case Today.

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