Prisoner escape in Howard County

There was a Maryland statewide search for a prisoner who had escaped a transport last week in Howard County, who was serving a prison sentence of over 100 years in a Delaware prison. He was caught in a drainage pipe about a hundred yards away from where he was sighted on the morning of Wednesday, May 3rd. The area had been searched previously, but was rechecked after dark when a call had been reported to the local police about a suspicious man in the area.

This had been a longer than usual search for a prisoner on the run, who was at large starting on the morning of Friday, April 28th. The police were incredibly thorough in their search for the man, they reportedly follow up on every single lead that popped up in their office. This thorough investigation allowed for local forces to search the area in a tactical way which eventually led to his capture.

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From a legal perspective, this man had absolutely nothing to lose. As mentioned before, he was serving a prison sentence of over 100 years in jail, so his attempted escape would not have any real impact on the length of his stay in prison. Although it was a huge gamble by this escaped prisoner, it was obviously not as effective as he intended it to be. He will now be sent back to jail, perhaps facing a harsher prison stay than before, but as for the length of his visit to prison, that will stay the same.

The citizens of Baltimore, and even cities in Howard County have been on edge waiting for the capture of this prisoner. However, it seemed like there was no reason to worry, he was found to have only traveled one or two miles outside of the area that he made his escape. Although this event made a lot of people worry, in the long run, with the help of local citizens, this prisoner was captured and caused no harm to anyone in the area.

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