Probate in in Estate or Wills

Probate in in Estate or Wills

When a person passes away and hands down their assets to their family or friends, it may not be as easy as putting their property into a new name. Many times, their property needs to go through probate courts. But what is probate? Probate is the legal process - involving the probate court - of distributing assets after someone’s death. It may not be necessary and it could be costly, so let’s take a look at if and why you would need a probate.

To determine whether or not there will be a probate court proceeding needed, two factors will be needed a closer look.:

1. The kind of assets in the estate

2. The monetary value of the estate property.

Some of the kinds of assets that will not need to go through a probate court proceeding: property held in a living trust, retirement accounts where a beneficiary was named, real estate, bank accounts, and other assets owned in a joint tenancy, community property with right of survivorship, or tenancy by the entirety, payable-on death bank accounts, vehicles or securities registered in a transfer in death form. If the estate consists of these different items, it is more than likely that a probate will not be necessary.

As for the total value of the property in the estate, a person can avoid a probate by having a smaller estate under a certain monetary value. If it is above the monetary value, then they will have to go to probate court - unless it falls under the certain types of assets, mentioned above. Each state has a different monetary value, for example Massachusetts is only $15,000, and Hawaii is $100,000. However there are some shortcuts people can take to keep the limit under their states limit. By taking advantage of the rules listed above, by having a jointly owned account, an asset with a payable-on-death beneficiary, or an IRA, these would not fall under the total monetary limit.

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