Social Security Benefits

Are you too young to retire but too disabled to keep working? Social Security Disability may be the right fit for you. However, applying and winning Social Security Disability Benefits can be a long and confusing road. The key to collecting disability benefits is to make a strong case as to why you absolutely cannot work anymore. It is absolutely vital that every shred of evidence is given to the lawyer to help you defend your case. Here are some other facts that you should know about SSD.

Before even hiring a lawyer to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits, it is important to talk to your doctor first. Does the doctor think your are disabled? The court will always look at medical records and doctor’s notes, so if they don’t believe you are disabled, then there is a much lower chance that you will win SSD insurance. In the end, listen to what your doctor says, if he is able to help you alleviate the pain with different medication, a wheelchair/cane or physical therapy, then you should follow those instructions. If the doctor advises you, and you go against what he says, this could hurt your case.

Social Security Benefits

Next, there is a good chance that once you have SSDI, you will have it for life. But it is not a guarantee. The Social Security Administration will review your medical condition periodically, especially if it is a condition where you are expected to feel better. For those with a higher chance of recovery, reviews are made around every 12-18 months, and for those whose condition is not likely to improve, will be checked every 3 years.

What should you do to be approved for Social Security Disability? Be yourself, if you have medical records showing that you have had trouble working with a disability, than the case will run itself. Do not, I repeat, do not try to make yourself look more disabled at the time of the hearing. The judge will most likely be aware that people try to take advantage of the system, so be yourself and act as if you would any normal day of the week.

One other note remember is that this is again, a long process, and even your payments will not begin immediately. The processing for your disability payments can take three to five months at times. Once everything is approved, you will receive a letter which sets a disability effective date. Six months after that date on the letter, is when you will receive your first disability payment.

So be patient! And do not try to take on Social Security Disabilities alone. Call the Law Offices of Nick Del Pizzo; a Baltimore lawyer,  today and have your payments secured for the future!

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