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The Dangers of a Do-It-Yourself Will!

Is it a wise decision to create a will without the assistance of an attorney? Many argue that it will save a lot of time and money, but what about the legal attacks it faces afterward? Let us understand how the dangers of do-it-yourself will outweigh its benefits.

Understanding why a do-it-yourself-will is dangerous:

If the will is legally invalid, then according to state law, who gets what is decided by the state itself After death, if the will is found legally invalid, then the family members have to bear the brunt and fight for legal ownership of assets for many years. It is not only frustrating but an expensive process to deal with too. The items you have acquired over your lifetime of sentimental value may be given to parties decided by the state such as jewels, furniture, and fixed assets. A will created without taking the help of an attorney will not be able to address general queries like:

  • Who pays the mortgage?
  • Who gets what?
  • Who acts as the administrator?
  • What is the estate plan?
  • Who will the legal guardian of children (minor, if any), and who gets the custody?

Before coming to a concrete decision, make sure to consult an attorney who can guide to create a legally valid will in the best interest of the testator and his/her family members to avoid any issues later.

So why hire an attorney to create a will?

An attorney will make sure that a will is legally valid so that it can withstand attacks later on. An experienced Baltimore attorney will design a will that is in the best interest of the needs of you, your family, and your loved ones.

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