The Different Categories of a Burn Injury

The Different Categories of a Burn Injury

The Different Categories of a Burn Injury

When a person suffers a burn injury, the skin is the most damaged organ in these instances. However, when one experiences a serious burn injury, nearly all of their vital organs and nerve endings – including the central nervous system – can be damaged and, in many cases, these injuries can be lifelong. Severe burns can also lead to lifelong serious emotional trauma as well. If you have ever burned your hand on a stove for example, you can understand the pain that can come with a burn even if it goes away after a few seconds, it can be intense. When these burns are much more severe the toll on the body and the many can be devastating. Even with advances in burn therapy and treatment, finding recovery is still a long and painful process as well as being very expensive. So, what are the different categories of a burn injury? Along with the law offices of Nick Del Pizzo we have put together a rundown on how burn injuries are categorized. 

The Different Categories of a Burn Injury

First Degree Burns

These are the least severe burns that affect only the outermost layers of the skin. After any initial shock, this is the equivalent of a minor sunburn. 

Some of the signs are:

  • Red skin that is painful to the touch
  • Dry in appearance
  • Sometimes a bit of slight swelling
  • Tingling

Many of the instances of first-degree burns are experienced by touching a hot metal object or slight scalding for a few seconds. Even though this is seen as a superficial inconvenience, there is possibility of an infection that could justify seeing a doctor, usually just one visit will be enough though. 

Second Degree Burns

The layer of skin beneath the epidermis is called the “dermis.” It is this area that will eventually become the epidermis. When the dermis is burned – even slightly – it is then a second-degree burn. Even the slightest burns of this type can be pretty painful. They can become red and swollen, with blisters. Once healed, scarring is possible. 

Symptoms include:

  • Blisters
  • The entire epidermis and upper layers of the dermis can be affected
  • Wounds appear red or pink
  • Wound will lighten when pressure is applied and return to original color when pressure is lifted
  • Healing time averages between two to three weeks.
  • Scarring occurs, though minimal

Common causes of second-degree burns include scalding liquids, brief contact with electrical arcing and flash explosions, hot surface contact exposure, and open flames.

Third Degree Burns

A third-degree burn, or full thickness burn, come with exposure to a heat source of more than a few seconds and display the following symptoms:

  • Appear as deep red or white; generally, do not present with blisters
  • The entire epidermis and most of the dermis is destroyed
  • Initially there is less pain but during recovery pain can be more pronounced
  • Color is unaffected if pressure is applied to the wound
  • Destroyed tissue will need to be removed and skin grafts will be necessary in order for the wound to fully heal

Common causes of their degree burns include much of the same causes that applied to second degree burns.

Fourth Degree Burns

These are the most sever and extend completely through the epidermis, dermis, to the underlying muscle and nerve endings. When a victim experiences these types of burns, there may not be as much initial pain as in third degree burns. This is due to the patient being in shock and damage is often done to nerve endings. 

While burns can cause a lot of physical and emotional pain we hope this quick list is helpful to clarify the different categories of burns. If you have suffered through a burn injury and feel you might need a lawyer contact the offices of Nick Del Pizzo today. We are there for you, seven days a week. Your case becomes our case, and we will seek the best resolution possible. 

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