Oriole Bird

The History of the Oriole Bird!

There is one thing that Baltimore Orioles can celebrate this year, and that is the well-deserved election of the Oriole bird into the National Mascot Hall of Fame! One of the most popular pro mascots in all sports, it did get us wondering how did it all start?

The Orioles have been playing baseball in Baltimore since 1954, which makes it a bit surprising that it took 25 years before we ever saw the Oriole Bird at a baseball game. In the summer of 1979, the oriole bird was born via a large egg at Memorial Stadium. Greeted with loud applause the Oriole Bird has been at every home game since!

 An intricate part of the team, the Oriole Bird has been featured on the team’s baseball caps twice, once from 1966 to 1988 and again starting in 2012 to the present. Here are the official stats of the Baltimore Oriole Bird

Position - Official Team Mascot & Goodwill Ambassador

Height - Somewhere between tweety bird and big bird

Weight - One quarter ton of feathers

Bats - With both wings

Hobbies-Greeting fans at the ballpark, sliding on dugouts and acting like a birdbrain

Favorite Food - bird seed and crab cakes

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