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What happens if a Maryland Police Officer Does Not Appear For Traffic Court?

A common question we get asked, and a hope for many that have to appear in traffic court is this, what happens if a Maryland Police Officer does not appear for traffic court? Many people have long believed that if a police officer fairs to show up to court on the data that your traffic violation is heard, then the case will be dismissed and you are free to go. While that may be true for some, it does guarantee that your Maryland traffic court case will be automatically dismissed. So does it really happen?

The first myth we would like to dispel is that they might forget. In Maryland, police officers often have particular days where they are scheduled to be in court. On these days, the majority of their court cases and hearings will be scheduled. This ensures that the office will be present on days at most hearings.

But what happens if they don’t show up? Most of them if an office does not appear, it is because something came up. The judge presiding over the case could grant a continuance so that the case will be heard at a later date, but that gives the officer another opportunity to show up and testify.However it depends on the mood of the judge. If he or she is feeling charitable they might deny a continuance. In that case the judge will likely dismiss the case. Though possible, it rarely happens. Your best bet is to consult with an experienced Baltimore traffic attorney regarding your case.

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