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What should be a part of your workers’ compensation settlement?

When you are applying for disability, there are clear caps as to how much you can collect. Many people at this point will turn to workers’ compensation to see if they can help alleviate some of the stress, and pay off some of the medical expenses they have occurred as a result of their personal injury. The question becomes, is it reasonable to expect a settlement that includes your time lost at work, or pain, and suffering? What should be a part of your workers’ compensation settlement?

At The Law Offices of Nicholas J Del Pizzo we help you to understand how to assign dollar values to your workers’ compensation settlement so that you can focus on your health. Here are some items that should be a part of your workers’ compensation settlement.

Damages from Medical Expenses

Did you know that the state of Maryland has a calculator that can help you gain insight into the value of your workers’ compensation claim? These calculators and estimates will focus on the damages accrued through medical expenses. What these calculators and estimates will not address is the bills that you received from your emergency room visit, because those bills went straight to your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. That is why it is so important to work with a Baltimore Workers’ Compensation lawyer that can guide you through the process, and cover all areas of your case.

Other damages from medical expenses could include items such as a prescription, time spent away from work, and even travel due to your injuries. Being reimbursed for these items is tricky, and having professional help can go a long way in recouping some of your money.

Unpaid Bills

Say you fall behind on your bills due to the gap between your injury and you receiving benefits? By working with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer you can start to recoup some of your money and help pay off those bills.

Future Medical Costs

If you suffer from a workplace injury, sometimes it is hard to look towards the future, but you need to. You need a financial expert who will break down the cost of your continued care and therapy, and what it will amount to over the years. You should be fully compensated for this, and that means long after your claims have been closed.

About The Law Offices of Nicholas J Del Pizzo

Regardless of the circumstances, if you are injured on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. Even if the accident is deemed your fault, you are eligible for benefits. At the Law Offices of Nicholas J Del Pizzo we represent clients who are suffering from severe injuries and need compensation. Call our office at (410) 288-5788 or visit our contact us page to schedule your free workers’ compensation consultation.

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