What to do in a personal injury case

Hire a lawyer! That is obviously the first step when going through a personal injury case. But to get into the nitty gritty of the case, the first step is something called the discovery phase. This is where each side of the case will learn relevant facts about the case. As in, what caused the personal injury? Who was involved? What injuries were sustained according to the medical records?

There is another portion of discovery called the written discovery. There are usually interrogation questions asked to the parties which are a part of the written discovery. The reason behind these interrogations is to get the version of the facts from the person’s point of view. The other type of written discovery is to acquire the admission from the parties involved to understand what they confirm or deny certain facts regarding the case.

Document production is the next part of the discovery phase, which is pretty much explained in the title. The court will allow an attorney to look through all of the documents that relate to the case, which can sometimes be large files of paperwork.

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The next step is the deposition. These are simply sworn statements made by a person when answering an attorney. A court reporter will most likely be there as well to create a transcript of all that is said in these depositions. Some of the main reasons for depositions is to have a legitimate story from each person, to see what the other side of the defense has, and to see how witnesses will react when they are in front of a judge or jury.

These are the very first steps of a personal injury case and can be a very tedious process. However, with due diligence, these are vital steps into making sure the person injured is taken represented correctly in the court of law.

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