Will Receiving a Civil Citation in Maryland go on your record?

Will Receiving a Civil Citation in Maryland Go On Your Record?

How To Find Out If You Have a Criminal Warrant in Maryland

Most people who receive civil citations are unsure about the nature of the violation. They often incorrectly assume these are criminal offenses rather than civil measures. The law offices of Nick Del Pizzo, a law firm in Dundalk, Maryland, explores will receiving a civil citation in Maryland go on your record? 

Steps To Take: How To Find Out If You Have a Criminal Warrant in Maryland

Civil Citations Explained

A civil citation is a civil penalty imposed by the state against an individual to compensate for alleged harm. If you run a red light, break the speed limit, or park in a place you aren’t permitted to, the state demands money. 

In general, receiving a civil citation in Maryland will not go on your record. However, they can show up on your driving record. This is important to remember as you may end up paying higher insurance premiums as a result. 

When will a civil citation appear on your driving record?

If you receive a payable traffic citation, you can pay the fine without a court hearing unless you dispute the citation. You can ask for a waiver hearing or a trial to plead not-guilty.

If you fail to take any of the courses of action outlined above, the Motor Vehicle Administration will be notified. They may suspend your license and a record of the suspension will be on your driving record. 

In some instances, you will receive a must appear notice with the citation and in this case you will have to go to court regarding the violation. If you fail to appear in court, you will have a bench warrant placed by the judge for failing to show up and there will be a criminal record alongside this. 

Can civil citations be removed?

Yes, most driving infraction are removed from your driving record after a period. This is called expungement. There is no fee for automatic expungement. If you have never had your license revoked or suspended for a safety offense, the citation is removed after just 31 days. If you have one or more previous moving violations and never had a suspended license, it will be removed after three years. 

With one or more suspensions you will have to wait 5 years. For those with multiple suspensions you will have to wait 10 years.

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